Vibras de Mexico

Artist Bio:

Sound and color have always informed Ruben's artistic work. He is a first generation native
Chicano of Sacramento, California with roots in Zacatecas, Mexico. Being multicultural and
multilingual, he has always felt that that he had to navigate layers of interpretation and liminal
realities. He often dreams in two languages, and works vigilantly to reconcile the inner
landscapes of his family diaspora, juxtaposed in an urban reality of acclimation and
acculturation. There were times in his youth when he found this predicament challenging,
however, these very woven landscapes were essential to forming his artistic identity. He has
always been a musician, and has played in bands and recorded musical projects for years.
His day job led him to opportunities to travel the world globally, and he began collecting
soundscapes of everyday life in various countries. Occasionally, he would thread these sounds
into his recorded works with music. Over time, he became interested in photography, film, and
connecting images to sound.

Digital and mixed media ethnography is his current medium. He is interested in the
anthropology of sound and aural acoustemology. He is inspired by the sounds, images and
stories of people experiencing everyday life.
Emerging technologies have created new possibilities in digital art and media. As someone
who has always valued and coevolved with modern technologies, he is preoccupied with
bringing the soundscapes and landscapes of ritual, common practice, and the process of
nature, into light, vibration, and visuals.

Ruben Reveles