Sacramento Artist Corps

The Sacramento Artist Corps is putting artists to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, producing artwork that creates awareness around health and safety in our community. A joint project of the Latino Center of Art and Culture, Teatro Nagual, and Teatro Espejo, the Artist Corps is funded by the City of Sacramento’s Office of Art and Culture. The Corps employs over 40 artists to create over 60 works of art, poetry, songs, theater, live streams on social media, photography, murals, and a coloring book. All the content is about COVID-19 and how we can keep our communities safe.
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Made possible by CARES funding from the City of Sacramento, Office of Arts and Culture.

Press: Sacramento News & Review


Hosted by Corps' Director Marie Acosta, this series of interviews with Corps Mentor Artists talks about all the work the Corps has been doing. Get to know all these talented artists and hear how they rose to the occasion during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Visual Art Corps

Visual Arts Corps is working on captivating images, mural works, and a coloring book, keeping up awareness about Covid-19 and its effects on our communities.

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Live-Streaming Corps

The Live-Streaming Corps is creating live-streamed shows focusing on Covid-19 and how to keep our communities safe.

"Corona Chords" Music Corps

As a group of local musicians, the Music Corps will be teaching and learning from one another as they create new music that can help inform the public about COVID-19 and its prevention. We are so lucky to have so much talent on our team.

Storytelling Corps

A group of wonderful writers known for allowing their voices to speak truths that move people to ponder. Within this project centered around the Covid-19 pandemic, they are expanding and extending their expertise and learning to further explore the waters surrounding us.

Theater Corps

The Theater Corps is currently rehearsing a series of short productions and PSAs about life and safety during COVID. Funny but serious, these original works are an important reflection of how we are getting through this critical historical moment.

Video Corps

The Video Corps, a team of local videographers creating short works about COVID-19 and its effect on our communities. Each work includes important messages about staying safe.

Cell Phone Photography Corps

This group of young artists is documenting and sharing their personal experiences with COVID-19 through captivating images taken on their cell phones.


Manuel Pickett's, WHO ME? A short staged reading on Covid, family, choices and consequence.